Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm

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Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm


Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm game added on 12 Mar 2018 at Aukh. The game has 136 views as of now with rating - rated 5 by 1 users. If you like playing this game then you will must enjoy other games published at Aukh.

Starfire: Asteroids of the Swarm is an awesome platform game in which you must control a spaceship and try to fight your way through hordes of alien spaceships. Use the WASD keys to control the movement of your spaceship and use the left click mouse button to shoot your deadly weapons.

The alien ships move fast and you must move quick and work hard to avoid their fire and destroy them to make it to the end of each level. Once you have successfully completed each level you gain valuable minerals – you can use these minerals to upgrade your ship and improve its damage and survivability. Can you complete every mission and destroy the alien scum?
Release DateMarch 2018
DeveloperEddie Barbu made this game.
Impressive 2D shooting game
Maze-like asteroids levels
Many enemies that you can kill to gain minerals
Craftable stuff, like shield and weapons
VersionThis game is currently in development and more levels will be added every week.
PlatformWeb browser Controls
WASD or arrow keys to control the spaceship
Hold left mouse button to shoot