Space Arena

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3D Blood Free Gun Killing Shooting Space Survival Horror Undead Unity3D WebGL Zombies aukh 0

Space Arena

Space Arena game added on 16 Jan 2018 at Aukh tagged with 3D, Blood, Free, Gun, Killing, Shooting, Space, Survival Horror, Undead, Unity3D, WebGL, Zombies. The game has 94 views as on today. Space Arena not rated yet.

All alone in a space station, where the residents were turned to mindless eating flesh creatures. Surviving is slim but you got to do what you have to do and that's killing every single zombie! Survive every wave, earn money in every successful stage. Buy guns, grenades and ammunition. Unlock all achievements and be the one on top of the leaderboard!. Play free games online!

Game controls:  Move  Aim  Shoot  Reload  Grenade  Weapon Menu  Zoom


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