Police Pursuit

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Police Pursuit

Police Pursuit game added on 15 Jun 2010 at Aukh tagged with Car Games. The game has 1,294,574 views as on today. Police Pursuit rated 4 by 4700 users.
Catch the bad guys with your police patrol car in hot pursuits to bring justice to them. Use the arrow keys to control your car and X key to drift. Collect yellow stars on your way to earn some bonus points. In each level you have to achieve all the goals within limited time to progress to the next level. You have to drive your car in the city and follow the red arrow on the top of the screen to chase bad guys. The bad guys have a blue bar on their car which indicates their stamina. You have to hit their cars with yours until they lose all their stamina and then you can book them up for their crimes. Avoid all the law-abiding citizens and race your car fast to catch the bad guys in the 3d-realistic police pursuits.


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