Mission in Hong Kong

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Mission in Hong Kong


Mission in Hong Kong game added on 09 Mar 2018 at Aukh. The game has 276 views as of now with rating - rated 5 by 1 users. If you like playing this game then you will must enjoy other games published at Aukh.

Mission in Hong Kong is a great 3D first person shooter title set in the amazing and vast city of Hong Kong. You are part of an elite team of soldiers and you have been deployed into Hong Kong to push back a tide of invading alien creatures. The aliens are dangerous and have only one goal in mind – to eliminate the human race!

You must work together with your teammates to push back the aliens and eliminate them from the city. Move through the streets of Hong Kong and pick up new weapons and ammunition. This is a classic survival game and has superb gameplay and the city of Hong Kong looks fantastic. If you enjoy this title then why not try Fallen Meteorite?

WASD or arrow keys to move Left click to shoot R to reload F to pick-up or interact G to throw a grenade V to do a melee attack H to holster weapon X to prone Ctrl to crouch Tab to pause