Mad Rush 3D

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Mad Rush 3D

Mad Rush 3D game added on 17 May 2015 at Aukh tagged with Car Games. The game has 87,404 views as on today. Mad Rush 3D rated 4 by 1105 users.
There are three available cars for the ride. First car is Ford Mustang. It is renowned American sport car about which you certainly already heard. Interesting is, that Ford Mustang has not too good chassis for fast ride on a winding road. But you will see it alone... On other hand, this car is free in this game Mad Rush. Second car is Nissan GT-R. This car comes from Japan and it is one of the best car ever in its category. It is full of electronics and fast ride with it is not problem anywhere. This car costs 150 coins which you can collect on a road. Third car is awesome and very exclusive. It is Ken Block's Ford Fiesta adapted for your ride on the track. This car is incredibly fast and controllable. Moreover the Fiesta is available only at PacoGames. How fast can you be? Are you able complete your fast lap without any accident? Enjoy the honor create a record lap time.


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