Hostages Rescue

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3D Army Blood First Person Shooter Free Gun Rescue Shooting Unity3D WebGL aukh 0

Hostages Rescue

Hostages Rescue game added on 01 Feb 2018 at Aukh tagged with 3D, Army, Blood, First Person Shooter, Free, Gun, Rescue, Shooting, Unity3D, WebGL. The game has 307 views as on today. Hostages Rescue not rated yet.

There are 10 hostages in the area. Each hostage is inside a tent that's heavily guarded by armed men. Your task is to rescue all of them. Sneak and infiltrate every tent, get all the hostages out and make it out alive in this game, Hostages Rescue!. Play free games online!

Game controls:  Move  Jump  Use Item  (Left) Run  Alt (Left): Crouch  Aim  Attack/Shoot  Zoom  Next/Previous Weapon  Reload  Toggle Mouse Cursor  Select Weapon  Prone  Pause


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