Butcher Aggression

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Butcher Aggression

Butcher Aggression game added on 24 Nov 2017 at Aukh tagged with 3D, Adrenaline, Blood, Download, First Person Shooter, Free, Gun, Html 5, Killing, Not on Kong, Shooting, Shotgun, Sniper, Street, Survival Horror, Undead, Unity3D, WebGL, Zombies. The game has 14 views as on today. Butcher Aggression not rated yet.

Butcher's Aggression is a new survival horror game from Y8 / id.net. This time, you are stuck in the forbidden zone of a desolate city after a zombie apocalypse. But there are not only zombies ... A repugnant creature is there too, probably the mutation of a psychopathic butcher, and she has only one desire: to kill you!. Play free games online!

Game controls:  Move  Run  Jump  Crouch  Aim  Attack  Zoom  Select weapon  Next/Previous weapon  Use Item  Pause  Toggle mouse cursor


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