Barn Yard Jersy Joyride

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Barn Yard Jersy Joyride


Barn Yard Jersy Joyride game added on 17 Feb 2010 at Aukh. The game has 416,714 views as of now with rating - rated 4 by 1076 users. If you like playing this game then you will must enjoy other games published at Aukh.

Drive the farmer’s car as quickly as possible to pick up all your five friends and reach the barn before the time runs out. You have only one minute to pick up all friends otherwise the farmer will come back and take away his car. Pick up your friends by driving close to them, drive through the haystacks, and use the ramps on your way to jump to earn time bonuses. Use W key to drive forward, S key to stop or reverse the car, A key to steer left, and D key to steer right.


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